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woedpress websiteWordpress Installation

Wordpress is a popular content management system used worldwide to create a website for personal use or for business use, Wordpress is an open source project suitable for business and personal websites.

There are two ways you can install your Wordpress website the easiest way is through your hosting provider they usually provide an automated installation within your CPanal or you can install your wordpress website manually in this tutorial we will guide you through an automated installation of Wordpress and how to set up your Wordpress website.

Web Hosting

There are a few steps required to install a wordpress website and the first step is to select a reliable web hosting provider and a domain name our recommendation is Siteground Wordpress plan they provide an excellent starter plan from $3.95 /month on there shared hosting platform, you can use an existing domain name or get a new domain name when you sign up, just register and follow the instructions for your hosting account the process is very easy to follow, we provide an easy to follow guide for joining Siteground and signing up for your hosting account Siteground web hosting services.

When you have registered for your new Siteground account go to your CPanal by logging into your account, this is where your hosting account and websites are controlled from, we provide a basic cpanal guide to get you started.

To install wordpress on your Siteground account with the automated installer go to cpanal and search for the Wordpress apps installer this is located at the very bottom of the cpanal page and scroll through until you find the Wordpress installation.

  Wordpress Automated Installation

Here you you will find the automated installer and a host of other helpful information about wordpress locate the installation button and click install now, a new window is opened and you can begin the installation process for wordpess.

On the installation page select the latest version of wordpress then the installation url which is your domain name you purchased earlier or enter a domain name you already have, enter your websites name and a description of your website.

The next step is the admin setup this information is used to access your wordpress website administration panal enter a username and a secure password the higher the score the better password you have for security, enter your websites email address and select your language setting.

 Wordpress Database And Username

The next step requires setting up your database and database user name, click on the advanced options tab, the database name will be pre populated but you can change this if you need to, leave table prefix as is and select auto upgrade this will upgrade your installation to the latest version.Here you will also have the option to auto upgrade any plugins or themes and automated backups of your website.

The very last step before installation is to select a theme for your website there are a few free themes available to get you started, these themes are pre populated with content which can be changed at a later time select your theme and click on install the installer will now install wordpress and your selected theme to the database using your username you selected earlier.

 Wordpress Dashboard

Now that you have Wordpress installed you can design the website the way you want it to look, there are hundreds of wordpress themes available at Template Monster our recommended theme provider premium themes provide more scope and features for designing a fantastic looking website.

To make changes to your wordpress website you need to login to your wordpress dashboard using the username and password you used to set up the wordpress installation earlier on, the dashboard is where you can design your websites layout and add content and plugins from.

Changing a wordpress theme has no effect on your websites content, your articles, images and other content remain the same when you change to a different theme just the layout and feel of the website changes, so you can change a theme as many times as you require. 

 Website Content

The wordpress admin panal contains many helpful tools for customizing the layout and look of your website, to start a new article click on posts on the left hand side of the dashboard and then add new, add a title to your post a description and the main content of the post, once you have finished your post you can save as a draft or click publish to publish the article live on your website.

To add a new page to your wordpress website find pages in the menu to the left and click on add new, the editor is very much the same as starting a new post, but there are a few more options available, then add a title and content to your page, a page will be displayed by a menu item at the top of your website and may contain articles you have posted or may be made up of other content you want to publish on your wordpress website like images or video.

Wordpress Plugins

Plugins are the core of your wordpress website they add functionality and new features to your wordpress website there are thousands of plugins available from third party providers, to add blogs, website security, article editors and various other helpful tools to the admin panal.

To install a new wordpress plugin first select a plugin you require from a supplier and store on your desktop then go to your dashboard and find plugins on the left of the page and click add new.

A new page will open and then click on upload plugin at the top of the page then select the zip file that you download from your desktop, next step requires you to click the install button and wait for the installation process to complete the new plugin will be available under plugins, the best place to buy Wordpress plugins is Siteground provide a great platform for any type of Wordpress website you get a free domain name with any Wordpress plan and can start creating your new website as soon as you signup so why not join Siteground with a Wordpress hosting account today.